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Butler Soy Curls™ are an all natural alternative to meat that are heart healthy, delicious and easy to use.

Butler Soy Curls 

Soy Curls™ make:

Great Fajitas

Scrumptious Sandwiches

Sizzling Stir Fry

Heartwarming Soups


Mouth watering casseroles

And so many other dishes.

Preparing Soy Curls™ is easy! Follow these simple steps and visit our recipes page for more ideas.

1. Soak Soy Curls™
Place Soy Curls in a container large enough to cover with warm water and soak for 8-10 minutes to re-hydrate then drain excess water.

2.  Season Soy Curls™
Season Soy Curls with Butler Chik-Style Seasoning or your favorite seasoning.

3. Brown Soy Curls™
Place Soy Curls in skillet or broiler and lightly brown.

4. Serve or add to your favorite dish!

Seasoned Soy Curls kept in a closed container in your fridge are ready for quick use in your favorite recipes.

If you are interested in learning more about how Soy Curls are made click here.

Allergen information:
Contains Soy

Soy Curls™ are an all natural product and do not contain any preservatives or additives.  Keep them refrigerated or frozen to keep them fresh.
soy curls
Soy Curls are made from select, certified non-GMO, whole soybeans (Soy), grown without chemical pesticides.

Soy Curl nutrition facts

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